Cottrell Family of Rennes and Saint-Brandan, Brittany, France

La Famille de Cottrell-Cottrel-Cotterell-Cotterel-Cotrel de Rennes et Saint-Brandan, Bretagne, France --Selected Records and Research Notes--(click on each image to see a larger version)

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Pierre Cotrel 1792 Jun 2 died
burial record: GGStEt31, page 8 (image 11)
Pierre Cotrel, veuf le premieres noces de Francoise
Jeanne Harcouet, Mary le secondes noces de Jacquette
Le Tanneur, age de soixante dix ans, decede d'hier
rue Nautoise?, a ete transporte au depot mortuaire
ce jour trois juin mil sept cent quatre vingt douze
la presence d Jean Corbe et autres qui n'ont signe.
Forin, Cure St. de St. Augustine.

English translation
Pierre Cotrel, widow the first wedding to Francoise
Jeanne Harcouet, married the second wedding to Jacquette
Le Tanneur, aged 70 years, died yesterday
Nautoise? street, has been transported to the mortuary
this day, third of June one-thousand seven hundred ninety two
the presence of Jean Corbe and others who didn't sign.
Forin, Priest of St. Augustine. Posted by Hello


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